What we do?

We are providing retailers and wholesale route termination through global interconnects, PW Carrier Service lets you maximize your profits. You will enjoy to work with us for sure.

Silver Routing

Silver is a managed “current-market” product with a focus on price competitiveness. It enables providers to exploit opportunities, even short-term ones, where PwC is able to offer lower rates than normally available.

Gold Routing

Gold Routing provides the highest quality at the most competitive market rates. All routes terminate via stable, high-quality providers. Overflow is sent only to reliable, in-country facilities-based providers

Platinum Routing

Platinum Routing delivers the best possible wholesale termination service. Platinum provides both the highest quality and most advanced feature set combined with extremely competitive market rates. Our Platinum routes primarily use direct interconnects via Local Network Operators (LNOs), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), and Regional Network Operator (RNOs):

Global Wholesale VoIP & Reseller services

VoIP services supported by an always-on network. We have what you need POPs in: Denver, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, China, Frankfurt, Germany


USA, Canada & A-Z Termination, global coverage with quality routes. Big wholesale discounts.


USA, Canada & International DIDs, 50+ countries & Toll Free Numbers.Great wholesale discounts.

Unlimited Inbound

DID for $7.88/month includes unlimited inbound calls. Two channels & Call Bursting.

Rely on VoIP to power your life’s journey.

Every feature was meticulously designed with resellers in mind. Brand, set rates and add layers of billing instantly. Use our numbers and network or bring your own numbers.


VOIP’s focus on simplifying the complex provides our customers with the best possible user experience.


Using our intuitive API, you will have all the tools to build powerful communication apps and grow your business.